Friday, December 25, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Tadi tengok trek selebriti and kali nie dekat penang terhebat kuh..

shoot dekat hard rock hotel penang..terpanggil nak buat enry pasal hotel nih..promote sikit..baru buka rasenya..hujan buat dorang punya tour mencari konklusi dekat sini la..

malas nak cerita panjang nie ada serba sikit pasal hotel english la yek..aku malas nak translate..copy paste saje dari website orang penang..cuti sem depan kita holiday sini oke??

Situated along the scenic, famous beaches of Batu Ferringhi, Hard Rock Hotel Penang offers 249 tricked-out rooms with great views and balconies. Featuring unconventional layouts and the unmistakable Hard Rock vibe, the hotel also comes with extensive facilities including an oversized free-form swimming pool and kiddies’ clubs to keep its young guests occupied.

The iconic resort’s walls are adorned with showbiz icons and memorabilia; together with the hotel’s rock-star treatment of its guests and a rock-and-roll atmosphere, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is the ultimate Rock Retreat suitable for all ages.

nak tau lebih detail click je sini

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